Friday, September 27, 2013

My Sincere Apologizes

Hello everyone!!
I am so horrible sorry and ashamed, I have not done what I set out to do such a short time ago. Like has thrown a few curve balls my way! I am unable to keep track of this page as I would have liked before this. I am working on making my life come together better. It's slowly happening.

For now I am unable to do any Review reading. It is just too time consuming at this time to be able to do it properly and I don't want anyone to be short changed as has already happened to a few people.

Secondly I would love to still be able to help people get their name out there about their books. I will have to do book launches, where the author sends me a picture of the book cover, a blurb about the book, where you can find the book and for how much and usually an excerpt from the book helps. I would also like the author to send any contact info so my readers can find them. Also Authors are more than welcome to send a picture of themselves along if they would like to.

I can also do Author blog posts. I don't have any restrictions on what you should or shouldn't write. So if you'd like to get your name out there but don't have a new book that's fine. Talk about an old book, or your favorite book. Could be your favorite movie or whatever is bothering you that day. Any thing is fine!

I am going to have to hold off on interviews right now because I like to give questions that are new and different each time and it became a little overwhelming at the moment to think of them so I'll have to hold off on interviews at this time.

To all the new followers thank you so much for sticking with me while I was missing to all those that got over looked when I should have been contacting you back I promise to be better at it now that life has calmed down a little! If anyone would like to do anything with me please contact me I promise that I will get back to you in a timely manner (may be up to a week but that is the latest if I don't respond by then feel free to shoot me a nasty email!)

Well time to get back on this wagon and contact those people that are still in my mail box that I have not contacted yet. (this might take a while *sigh*)
Please have a great day and enjoy reading!