Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Some days it is so easy to write. I can punch out twenty pages before I even realize how much I have done. Other days it is so hard for me to get in the mood. My mind is always thinking about my characters and sometimes I in my head I get beyond what I have actually typed on the computer. For those times I get annoyed with myself. I am so far beyond what's been written it's like a chore to go back and type it out. Sometimes I wish my dreams were connected to a typewriter kind of like in Steven Kings The Tommyknockers. Though I would prefer if the typewriter didn't suck the life out of me as I was dreaming.

Today is a day that I am finding it hard to get into my writing. I force myself to start however because I need to get this book finished. I need to have a copy that I can have people start to edit so that I will have a finished book. My mind is thinking of the books that are to follow this one in the series and it is excited to get started on those. However I think it is just trying to put off putting and ending to this one. I am still not sure if it is just hard for me to write an ending or if I get so attached to my people that I do not want to let them go. If I don't finish the book I will always be able to go back and change things. I will always be able to visit my friends so-to-speak.

Once I get into the story usually I am able to get at least five pages out of myself before I feel like I can't write any more. I hate days like today. It makes me wonder if I am cut out to be a published author. I read may different series. Some of the authors put out books almost every six months and I have no idea how they are able to do it. I am sure it would take me a year at least to get a book how I want it and then to edit and do all the final touches, even if I didn't have a full time job. I suppose writing is like anything else in life. What one person is able to do does not mean everyone should be able to do it. I would much rather take longer on my writing then to have something published that I will be embarrassed about later. These books will forever have my name on them, they may not ever be popular like Twilight or Harry Potter but they will be out there someday and I want to make sure that they are quality work, not something I have thrown together just to make a deadline.

So time to start muddling through today's pages. I think I am almost at an end. Then I can start the process all over again with the next one. The beginning and middle are the most exciting I fly through those, the end I will have to work on. I wonder if there is a conference on how to let go of your characters. I'll have to look into that LOL.