About Me

My name is Megan, I live in Texas with my husband, son, four dogs, and two cats. I am an avid reader, of all different types. I write my own books which you can learn about and read excerpts at groomsbooks I originally had this page as my author web page but have now decided to use this as a way to help other authors. I am going to host cover reveals, contests, and having book launches. In my search to find blogs to help me with all of those things for my books I've realized that it is very hard to find people that will (1) answer an email that you send them (2) say yes to helping you out if they do respond and (3) actually have people do as they say they will do when they do say yes.

I am a writer, a mother and I work full time so I will not be able to do a million releases or review a ton of books but I am going to start slow and work my way up. I may get other people to help with this endeavor to help authors out. My main focus will be romance (of all kinds), urban fantasy, New Adult, and Young Adult.

I have my list of books I've read, rated and reviewed on Goodreads so authors know if their book is the kind that I'm looking for when they ask me to read a book for review. Please spread the word and I look forward to helping out any authors that I can and finding new books to share with everyone!