Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Dean Day was yesterday Feb 14 (valentines day for all you non-supernatural fans)
I didn't know about Dean Day until late in the day so I decided to add some Dean stuff today. Its never to late to look at Jensen Ackles aka Dean Winchester!

If you do not watch Supernatural I suggest it. Not only is he great to look at his sarcasm is the best I have ever seen. Jensen Ackles plays the best tortured soul I have ever seen. His love for his family and quest to save people from all the monsters is noble and hott.

He has got the best eyes and smile. Though we don't get to see the smile too often on the show. Wish we could see more of it!

And no Dean Day would be complete without a clip of the man himself. There are sooo many that I love but I will chose one that also shows his great voice!

Have a great Dean Day!