Monday, March 7, 2011

New Release

Finding Samantha will be available on and Tuesday or Wednesday of this week for pre-order. I am super excited and want to say a big THANKS to Tease for publishing it for me. Especially Tonya and Gail for taking a chance on a new, young writer. I hope to make you proud.  I also want to thank my husband for pestering me to write my books and find someone to publish them. I know he does it with love and in my best interest even if I do tell him to 'shut up' more often than not lol. Thanks to the Brigadoon Crew for all the support they give listing to me babble on about all the 'people in my head' and acting like it's normal when I talk about my characters like they are real people (and are my closest friends) I know you guys must get a kick out of my babbling sometimes. Thanks to my sisters who are willing to read and proof my books (a VERY hard job Gail and Joni can tell you!) Thanks to everyone who supports me and is willing to read my book. I hope everyone loves it. I will be making a book for each of my  boys on the Ranch I hope that those get published as well... so everyone let me know what you think! SO EXCITED!!