Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Press Release


Finding Samantha

Samantha hasn’t moved on after the death of her husband, Tom, two years ago. In an effort to find closure she moves to a ranch in North Carolina where she meets Luke. A handsome cowboy that causes her to have feelings she thought she lost with her husband. Torn between wanting Luke and not wanting to forget her husband Sam must decide to love Luke, or forever be lost in the past of what could have been with Tom. After Luke’s wife left him for another man six years ago Luke still doesn’t have faith in women. All that changes when Sam arrives. Right away he feels something for her, something he thought he would never feel again. Knowing he is risking his heart Luke decides that Sam is worth it. Can he help her get over her loss and love again, or will she break his heart as well? 

Finding Samantha is a romance set in North Carolina on Rolling Hills Ranch. The real life struggle of learning to love again after a devastating loss and trying to find who you were before you were married sets the tone for this enticing tail of heartache, friendship, and love. The dynamics of the elderly couple and all the ranch hands living in one home along with their different reactions to a ‘new comer’ makes the tail more intriguing.

Megan Grooms was born in Maine and moved to North Carolina in 2005 with her husband. She now works at an animal hospital during the day, than weaves her literary magic at night. Finding Samantha is her first release, the short story Hestia’s Vacation will follow in June as well as another short story Handsome Stranger to be release shortly after. The next book in the Rolling Hills Series, Loving Allison, is currently being written.

Finding Samantha, from Tease Publishing LLC, is now available at The first chapter is on Megan’s website. You can also read an excerpt at Goodreads along with a reader reviews.