Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cupid's Test

Well Valentine’s Day is here and with it comes a new release from me. It’s been over a year since I’ve had anything come out!! That’s way too long! This new one is called Cupid’s Test and is a Valentine’s day short story. It will only be .99 on Amazon as soon as the darn thing loads lol. Don’t worry I’ll put a link up as soon as it does. Join me on Facebook for my release party and a chance to win a FREE PDF copy of one of my old stories, you may choose which one. Here is the little blurb about Cupid’s Test and the cover so enjoy!
When the Tooth Fairy wants to knock Cupid down a peg she decides to test him to see if he really can make any two people fall in love.
Jay and Lilly are two completely different people but when a snow storm forces them to be in each others company for a week they quickly realize how opposites can attract. After finding out that they are on two different sides of a court case the question now is can they get passed it or will the week they had be their first and last?