Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Getting things together!

Well the posting will begin starting next week! I've very excited for this. I've got someone scheduled for the 15th of July and the 22nd of July.Then the 9th of August. I've got others in the works around those so there will likely be more. I'm so excited to get this thing started! I am now a host with two different tour companies, one is Sage's Blog Tour and the other Smokin' Blog Tour. Both have a button the side if you'd like to look into their services. Remember you can contact me at any time to get in on the fun here! Thanks to everyone for following me here and on twitter! Also a big thanks for being patient while I work on getting things set up. Hopefully I'll be able to start rolling out the author interviews, book launches, spotlights and anything else that might come up. As always if you have any suggestions or ways to get the word out (besides sharing lol) Feel free to let me know!! If I don't post before something between now and then...
See ya next week for our first spotlight and interview!!