Monday, July 22, 2013

Interview with Parker Paige

Whitley & Austin
By Parker Paige
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publication Date: July 10, 2013 (Pluto Books)

Synopsis & Bio

THREE beautiful redheads - THREE Motives - ONE Murder

Tapping into the common wish to be someone else, if only for a short time, this suspense drama explores what happens when a woman, bored with her humdrum existence dyes her hair red and takes on the persona of her late sister.

After the murder of her beloved sister, a quiet and warmhearted legal secretary, Charlie Weiss, who works for the prestigious Whitley & Austin, is in search of an escape. A few sessions with her psychologist propel her to the realization that the excitement that she seeks is in a new life, the life of her late sister.

With a daring wish to continue the wild life of her late sister, she colors her hair red and dares to reinvent herself. And with this new persona comes a different type of experience, including becoming one of three redhead suspects to a murder.

Parker Paige has been writing fiction for several years with a passion for creating eccentric characters. She is fascinated with true stories and for that reason, she is drawn to the network Investigation Discovery like a drug. She is the author of “The Color Pink” and “Whitley and Austin.” She is not completely insane, maybe just a little bit crazy. She lives in Los Angeles. 

Her website is:  
Twitter: @ParkerPaige86

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An Interrogation of Author Parker Paige
Q: Please state your name, city where you live and marital status.
A: My name is Parker Paige, and I live in Los Angeles.

Q: And your marital status?
A: I’’m between husbands right now.

Q: How similar are you to the lead character Charlie Weiss?
A: We could be twins. Not only are we both tall, but we both, at one time or another wanted a new life. The only difference is Charlie was brave enough to actually go out and get one.

Q: There’’s a scene where Charlie is making out in the office men’’s room. Is there any truth to that scene?
A: Let’’s just say it’’s not entirety fiction.

Q: The ending was not entirely clear. Who was the woman in question? Was it you, Camina or Laura?
A: I cannot answer that question at this time.

Q: I understand that you used to work as a legal secretary. Do things really get that raunchy behind legal doors?
A: Even raunchier.

Q: When you worked as a legal secretary, did you ever fool around with any of the attorneys?
A: Let’’s just say, I once worked for a partner that I had a major hard-on for. I’’ll stop there.

Q: What is the kinkiest thing you ever witnessed behind closed doors in the workplace?
A: friend of mine, let’’s call her Daisy, delivered a fax to her attorney boyfriend and he had to withdraw it from the inside her pants.

Q: What do you hope readers will get from reading your sexy tale?
A: That it’’s okay to change your personality sometimes. If fact, it might even be necessary, under the right circumstances.

Q: Are you a natural redhead?
A: No, but I wish I were.

Q: Are you willing to reveal the name of the law firm in question?
A: I could never do that, although I would love to.

Q: Is this story fiction or nonfiction?
A: It’’s 40% nonfiction and 60% fiction.

Q: In light of the 40% of this story being true, is it safe to say that most of the characters portrayed are based on real characters?
A: It’’s very safe to say.

Q: Are you afraid that the attorneys that are portrayed in your story might recognize themselves?
A: I don’’t expect any attorneys to be interested in my story. However, I have done a great job of altering certain things to avoid being found out?

Q: Any chance there will be a sequel to They Come in Threes?
A: Absolutely. I have already begun the next adventure of Charlie Weiss.

Q: What can you reveal to your readers that will give them so insight into who you are as a person?
A: They should know that I am not completely insane, maybe just a little bit crazy.

Q: What might readers expect in the sequel?
A: A lot more fun and twice the adventure.