Saturday, February 13, 2010

About each book

The first book Ambrosia is my paranormal series. It has vampires, shape shifters and demons, but not in the evil sense. They control the elements and things like that. Later there will be elves and changelings and a few other creatures that may pop up.

The second book is Arabella. This story is about a girl who has been in an accident. She is now in a wheel chair. Her mother died in the accident and her father is a writer for the New York Times. She is sent to live with friends of her father and ends up falling for the son of the fathers friends. She must get over her problems with being in a wheelchair and blaming herself for her mothers death while trying to understand that someone can love her as she is.

The last book is my romance series. It is about a woman that needs a change in her life so she goes to work on a ranch. While there she falls in love with a man that works on the ranch. She must get over the death of her husband and realizing that she can love again. There is also an exciting twist...

If one book doesn't intrest you please try out the others and see if you like one over the other and let me know. In order to comment you need to put it under anonymous unless you have a blog ID. If you need to do anonymous please put your name so that I will know who wrote it. You will be told that I have to o.k. all postings, which I will try to do daily Thanks!! I'll be putting another chapter on at some point, not sure when though. :)