Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Finding time to write is very hard sometimes. Finding time to edit even worse. Editing is a very daunting job. I love to reread my stories, add more description, new lines. This however is hard. Having to go through and nit-pick is so boring. I know it is a necessary part of the process I just did not know so much work was involved. I have done so much rereading of my books it is hard to find the problems, I find myself skimming over parts because I know what it says already. This defiantly does not help with editing. I understand and appreciate the role of the editor in the writing process now. I think my next step should be finding out how to get an editor. For now I will have to force myself to do it alone and thank God for the people that are willing to read/correct hard copies for me so I can fix it on the computer properly.