Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Volunteer Fire Department

This is not about writing but I feel I need to write about it.
My family got bad news this week. My husband has to go home for a few days to help take care of it and when he went to tell his volunteer fire department co-workers they all surrounded him as soon as he showed up and gave him what amounts to a group hug. My husband hasn't been with this fire department very long but clearly it is a tight net group of people. I appreciated that these men were able to show my husband that they were there for him. That they cared about him and would like to help him through this hard time. I have never been more touched by a group of strangers and I felt the need to share my feelings with everyone that will read this. I never really understood the meaning of 'brotherhood' or anything else that you hear fire or police department talk about until that moment. I decided if my husband ended up risking his life with these men I wouldn't have to worry too much. I know they would take care of him.
Thank you to Bear Creek Volunteer Fire Department.