Friday, May 21, 2010

It has been far too long since I last wrote. I have been very busy. I worked at an animal hospital but have since decided that that is not my calling. I now work at a child care center and am the assistant teacher in the four year old class room. I am loving it. My dream is to get all the credentials I need to be able to run a child care center from my home. Still working on the details on that and it will be a while until I am ready but I'm always planning.

As far as my writing I have not been doing as well as I would like to push myself too. With the new job and my classes just starting up, I'm still trying to find a nice pattern to get myself into. I need to give myself time to write, work, and spend time with my husband (also some house cleaning in there somewhere sigh). I hate that my writing always seems to take the back burner.

The only thing that I can take solace in is that my mind will not leave my people on that back burner for very long. Whenever I have a quite moment to myself my brain goes right too them as if to remind me that they are there waiting for me. Sometimes I feel like saying "I'm sorry guys I know you want to have your story finished I'm working on it." Some days I think I'm crazy for thinking of my people as if they are real and their feelings will be hurt if I don't give them more attention. Most days however I feel lucky that I care about them that much. To me it means they are real to me and hopefully they will be real to my readers.

One good thing about the new job is that I can wake up early in the morning and write before work. However I really need to start running again so I am torn between running at that time or writing. I know I could wake up just a little bit earlier and do both but.... I don't see that happening I like sleep. :) Well back to my busy life thank God for weekends. Now I get to clean *sigh again*