Saturday, July 17, 2010

Books, why we pick them up.

My friend and I had an unexpected amount of time to waist in town today and headed for the bookstore. Both of us are avid readers and we have never actually gone together before. While there I learned a few things about how each of us looks for books.

She looks for ones that have bright colors, a picture of the beach, or of animals. I however look for books that are usually a dark color, the words are printed in some kind of odd font and have interesting pictures that make me look at it for a moment before I understand what it is. I also like weird titles, or something dark and mysterious while she enjoys regular titles, like 'by the ocean shore' or something of that kind.

We laughed and talked about how opposite we are for quite awhile. I had never realize that we do have opposite personalities. Which I think is why we get along so well. She enjoys being in the sun as much as possible, likes to wear bright colors, likes to be around people, and hates to think of sad and depressing things.

I am by no means someone that wears black all the time, nor am I depressing and always thinking about death. However I do like darker colors, dark jeans, blacks and browns. The only real color in my wardrobe is red and some light blue colors. I do enjoy the night much more, I am certainly less social than my friend and I do like scary movies or books of that nature.

I had never really thought about all the differences before and how that translates into my writing. I read the backs of some of the books she picked up and didn't find anything interesting. I mentioned how I was surprised that we ever read the same books. She commented that she actually expands and reads some of the books that I read. Where as I don't expand into her area.

I like to think of myself as a reader of all kinds of books but clearly I am still stuck in one kind of wright, just across genres. I believe that a good writer should look into all types of writing. I think I may have to start trying some of her books just to read them. Maybe I will surprise myself. I never thought I would like romance and there are quite a few books I found that I like in that section. Though truthfully they usually still involve a few vampires, werewolves, and demons, or all three. lol