Friday, July 16, 2010

Web page I found

I was looking around the web for research on one of my books when I stumbled across two web pages. The first I looked at was
These are responses to this website:
As I was reading the responses to the web site that I hadn't looked at yet I started to wonder what was on that website. I decided it must be horrible because people were writing some terrible things to this man. However when I read the website I laughed. It was clear to me that this man wasn't really putting this up because he thought these things. Yes it is very one sided and not true but that is why I thought he was making it up. I thought that he put it up to see the kind of reactions he would get. I decided to email him, which I never do. I hope to get a response. I just asked what his reasoning was for putting up the website because I am curious. Anyways, I hope no one gets offended and everyone can see this website for what it is. Something someone made up to try to make some kind of point. I found the hate mail to be funny as well, also his comment to the hate mail. Sometimes I wonder how people can be such hypocrites. Yelling about how this man doesn't know them and he shouldn't assume anything. When they go and assume all kinds of things about him. Well I hope you enjoy, and please don't be offended I don't believe he put the website up to offend anyone. I will let everyone know if he responds.