Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I submitted a short story and before I did I had misgivings about it.  I didn't think it flowed very well or explained my people very well. My editor thought the same thing so I've been rewriting all day. I don't mind though. It just taught me that I need to listen to myself. Clearly I know a good story when I read one. I read my own and knew that it wasn't that great but submitted it anyway. From now on I will read my stories and like them before submitting them. Skipping this whole steps. I'm just glad that my editor knows I am capable of better and is willing to work with me. I appreciate it a lot I'm sure she has better things to do then hold my hand while I get writing experience. So thanks Gail for putting time into me and my writing when I know you don't have much time to give. :)