Tuesday, February 26, 2013


So Cupid’s Test has been out for only 12 days. I have had only three people buy it (according to my KDP account through Amazon). One of those has been returned (which I don’t believe they should be able to do). I’m wondering if anyone else is a writer out there, and if so how do you get your book out to the public? I have an Author page on Facebook that I have quite a few ‘likes’ on but would LOVE more.
I have now contacted 24 different reviewers and have only received email back from one of them. Mind you it has only been 3-4 days since I wrote them so I’m still hoping I’ll get more answers. I know reviews are a great way to get other people to buy your book. I can’t seem to get my readers to write them however. I only have two reviews for Finding Samantha on Amazon (where people buy it) the rest don’t have any. On Goodreads I have more, and they are rated. Is it that hard to click over to Amazon and just rate something or ‘like’ it for Facebook?
I think my next release for the Rolling Hill Ranch series Loving Allison I might have a ‘like’ party with a link to all my books and ask people to just click over and ‘like’ them and rate them if they’ve read it. I can’t say that I’m great at doing any of this either so I can’t throw a stone too hard but I know now why I see a lot of authors asking people to do those things. It makes a big difference for a self-published person to do that. Especially if someone ‘shares’ your book on their Facebook page. Just think of all the people that a book is now reaching if just ten people ‘share’ or ‘like’ your things on Amazon.
I for one and going to work on being better at doing those things for the authors I read and trying to write a review. I’m always scared of writing them but whatever I put would be better than nothing. I don’t have to sound like the most person in the world. Just be honest about the book I read. Well I hope you all will think about going over to Amazon and ‘liking’ my work and if you’ve read please at least rate it, if your really feeling nice a review would be wonderful (no pressure though lol)
As always thanks for the great support everyone gives me and please feel free to click on the links and follow me everywhere. I promise I won’t think your a stocker lol
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