Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's done!

I've finally finished Finding Samantha. I have put an ending that I like. Thank God! I wasn't sure it was ever going to happen but after working on it for three and a half hours last night it is finished. Endings are extremely hard. Now is the worst part of all... editing. I have already done two chapters though. I have 20 pages done out of 172. Hmm... seems like a very small dent but a dent none the less. It is time to start printing and sending it to wonderful friend that will help me with this process. I love you all and thank you for helping do what I hate to do. Hope everyone likes it! I need to take off the chapters I have on my page because it has changed some but hopefully I'll get to that sometime soon.

On another note, I have found a great website thanks to an author with Authors After Dark. It is goodreads. The address is It is a place where you can write reviews on books that you have read. Also you can see reviews for other books that people have written. I have just joined today but so far it looks good.

Well enough stalling time to go back to editing, while my husband plays Call of Duty.