Saturday, June 12, 2010

Masquerade Ball-Help

I am going to a writers Conference in Sept. I'm extremely excited about this. It will be my first (of many hopefully) and I would like to get the full experience out of it. This includes a Masquerade Ball. The theme is literary characters. My first choice was Elizabeth Bennett. However I have just heard that the host, and a great author, Jacquelyn Frank is going as that character. So I will go with my second, and just as good, choice. Jo March from Little Women. However I do not know where to get a costume for this event. I have done a bit of web searching but have not come across anything that I really like. Does anyone know where one could get an outfit for this event? If so could you please tell me, I would really like to look the part. Thanks!

Also if you have any ideas on another character that I should go as, or maybe you would go as if you were going. Let me know, when I first thought of this ball all my favorite characters flew out of my mind. Maybe your idea will be easier to find a costume for, or maybe I'll just like it better. LOL