Thursday, September 8, 2011

Handsome Stranger

My new short story is releasing this week at all romance ebooks. It is called Handsome Stranger. A cute little story about a teacher named Abby who doesn’t interact well with the other teachers, being very shy. When Nate takes the music teacher position however he meets her and pulls her out of her shell right away. She goes to dinner at his house and the two connect like nothing Abby has ever felt before. I hope you all are able to stop by and pick it up. I love this cute little one, and while your there if you haven’t read my other short story Hestia’s Vacation feel free to pick that up as well. Still working on the next for the Rolling Hills series. Proving to be very stubborn (I only say that so I can’t take the blame for being lazy). Just need to kick myself into gear. Well hope you all enjoy the short stories while you wait for the next Rolling Hills book.