Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Short Story.

Handsome Stranger is now available on  All Romance ebooks.Only $0.99 Go pick up your copy today.

Also check out the new review for Finding Samantha at Queenutt’s World of Escapism

I'm glad that I found she reviewed Hestia's Vacation, which you can read here Queentutt’s world of Escapism

So much new stuff has been going on. Also my short story for Halloween has been accepted. Not sure when it will be out but you can be sure I will keep you updated. I have been able to add more to John's book as well, finally over my writers block/ being lazy! Gets me so excited when I have new stuff out that I want to get this one done. My goal is to have it done by the end of the year so that I can work on Joe's while I'm home with the new baby. Hopefully it will be done before that though so I can work on his book before the kid, I'm sure I won't have much free time after baby Robert is born.

Let me know what you think of the reviews and of the new book. Hope you all enjoy!