Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Madness

I have a new short story coming out this month for Halloween. It is my first published work in the area or werewolves (though hopefully not my last). I'm excited to hear what people think of it. You can find it on All Romance Ebooks when it comes out (still not sure what day exactly promise I'll let you know).

Tish doesn't know much about being a Werewolf, being changed when she was an adult she never wanted to have much to do with her pack. She doesn't know about the Halloween Madness that can strike on the full moon around Halloween, an uncontrollable urge to find the 'one true mate' that all Werewolves are trying to find.  Her best friend Cherry convinces her to go to a Mating Party, a party that Werewolves can go and meet others in hopes of finding their 'one true mate' on Halloween. Not knowing about this madness Tish thinks she has found the man of her dreams in Ike at this party. However another has spotted Tish and wants her for himself. It is decided that the two will fight for her and she will have to go with the winner. Tish isn't sure she wants either man now, not sure if its love or Halloween Madness.